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YT4A is a non-profit organization created to  support the Training of Kundalini Yoga Teachers in Africa. The technology of Kundalini Yoga is universal. It is easy to apply and powerful. It has brought light to many lives. Also in Africa it can be of great help, certainly in areas where other healing methods are not readily available. African KY students are eager to become teachers so they can share their positive experiences. They reach out to their communities to serve as KY teachers ... from the heart !  

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is an ancient and complete form of spiritual practice that leads to more health, clarity and joy in life. It is universal and applies to people of all races, tribes, religions, ages and genders. It uses breathing exercises, postures, movements, meditations and chanting. This makes it fun, powerful and effective. The use of mantra’s is very specific to Kundalini yoga. It balances and liberates the mind so we can be more present to serve where needed and bring peace and kindness to our communities.


Teachers in Seva mode

Pritam Hari Kaur

KY teacher trainer from South Africa


Krishna Kaur

KY teacher trainer from California USA.  Started in Togo (West-Africa) with training teachers long before we started our journey in Africa. She is also the inspirator of Yoga For Youth

Sat Darshan

KY teacher from Belgium. Started to teach KY in Burundi in 2008. Founder of Rama Academy in Burundi and Yoga Teachers 4 Africa. 


Burundi 2011 - 2012  

Trainers: Krishna Kaur - Togo teachers - Gurumarka Singh - Sat Darshan Singh 

Burundi 2014             

Trainers: Pritam Hari Kaur Khalsa - Ram Singh - Sat Darshan Singh

Kenya 2014               

Trainers: Gurumarka Singh - Gobinde Singh - Hari Nam Singh - Ravinder Kaur

Kenya 2015               

Trainers: Gobinde Singh - Ram Singh - Sat Darshan Singh - Ravinder Kaur

Guru Marka

KY teacher trainer from California USA. Lives and works in Germany. www.breathislife.com

Hari Nam Singh

KY teacher from USA.

Ravinder Kaur

KY teacher from Belgium. Coordinated the KYTT in Kenya and was staff member of YT4A till march 2017.

Gobinde Singh

KY teacher trainer from Germany. 

Ram Singh

KY teacher trainer from  France. Teaches also Karam Kriya. More info: www.dharamsal.fr


You can be the next teacher to serve African sanghats. Not only for teacher trainings but also for seva safari or workshops. Let us know if you would love to participate.


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Tel: +32473460729

Email: kdegrauwe@yahoo.com

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