A Body Consciousness Workshop
In this module, we go for the deepest understanding and experience of yoga. Two international teachers (Laurent Pierre Dauzou, France and Sat Darshan, Belgium) will guide you on this golden path.
Laurent Pierre Dauzou has extensively studied the Iyengar yoga method & technique. He will teach in a very creative way in order to bring Light into the inner Sacred Architecture of the Body. In this training we will explore the beauty of the inner cosmic structures thanks to the vision of the Light (Dristha). He will take us also through a detailed study of the technical aspect of the yoga postures (Asanas). He will guide us into the observation of symmetry, widening our sens...

Transpersonal Cosmology, A technique created by Rex Thomas Okagbue, is the practical application of the laws of quantum physics. It is a combined application of the quantum field and ancient wisdom for the objective of self-knowledge, personal and professional development and self-realization. Transpersonal Cosmology is composed of 3 effective techniques with simple and practical applications to:  

• Guide, orient and support people in the vision, comprehension, organization and realization of their personal and professional life purposes.

• Facilitate immediate relief of traumas, depression, phobia, anxiety and other emotional challenges.

• Awaken and sustain real behavioral changes and emotional equilibrium.



The awareness Kundalini Yoga brought to me as A Muslim.

March 31, 2015

Sat Nam, Namaste, Elsalam alykom, Ameen, Shalom,

As I write those words I am very aware how powerful words are and what impact they have on us... This is only to share my own experience as a Muslim practicing Kundalini Yoga and hope with the blessing of Allah that this might be helpful to you too... Through my heart with truth and compassion I transfer this humble message to you...

In the Holy Koran God mentioned that he sent many messengers and holy books before Islam, and to be true Muslims we have to respect all of those religions by acknowledging this oneness...

No matter what our beliefs are, when we move away from our hearts we loose our connection to the divine, we search f...

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